Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23 - Pisco

Hello All,

This week we have been working really hard to visit as many people as possible. We have standards of excellence in the mission that help us be able to measure our area and how we are working. We have been able to reach the standards of excellence in lessons with investigators with a member present, recent converts, and less actives! And so we are helping the people in our area to be able to participate in the gospel. They are progressing and now we have three investigators with a baptism date. They are Daniel, Maria, and Gumercinda. They were all able to come to church this past Sunday and we hope that they will continue towards their dates.

I have been talking to Dalton, and a couple of the elders that have been in the mission and they have told me that they are also going to be able to attend UVU. One of them told me that they were looking at the apartment that is called Crestwood Apartments. Maybe you could start looking around so that we can start planning on all of this.

This next week are transfers and then we will be heading in to the last transfer and then we will be home! Until then, I hope that all is well and that you are continuing to do well.

I love you soo much and a lot!

Elder Johnson

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16 - Pisco

Hello All.

This week has been great! That is awesome that Nick Anderson got his mission call. I was hoping that he would go to South America, but England would be great!!  And with his date for the 7th of September I will be able to see him again before I go. It is so weird to think that when I get home the majority of the people my age are gone haha. What Matt said will be true, however, it will be nice to get home early and go to all of the homecomings of the boys!

This week was interesting. On Sunday, we had a less active member come to church with his wife who is not a member. He had an accident a couple weeks ago when he fell off the third level of his house! He opened up one elbow, broke his other arm, and had stitches on his head among other things. It was terrible, but it seems that that experience prepared him to be humble to go to church again. We hope to commit his wife to baptism today and we will see if they continue to progress. The Lord works in strange ways but he sure provides the way so that his children can come back to his presence.

I love you guys sooo much and a lot!!

Elder Johnson Baby

Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9 - Pisco

Hello All,

This week was great! It was such a blessing to be able to talk to you guys. [We had our Mother's Day skype call]  [Mike's host thought Dad looked like John Goodman from The Flintstones movie] John Goodman hahah. And Sara will have to send me a picture of Ivan to see how he is... to see if he passes the test haha

We are still working with the Perales Family. They were going to be baptized last week but with problems in their marriage papers they were not able to make it to that date. We are now working with them to see if they can be baptized on the 11 of June.. They would be married on the 8th or so and then baptized that saturday. It is funny because the mother in the family is a less active, but her husband has more desires to go to church and participate in the activities. It just goes to show that being a member does not garantie (I know that is spelled wrong) haha [guarantee] that they will have a testimony. We will be having a lot of contact to help them be able to experience the conversion.

It was so great to talk to you guys and I can't believe that I will see ya in 2 months :)

I love you soooo much and a lot!!

Elder Johnson

Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2 - Pisco

Hello All,

This week has been great! We are planning on having a wedding this coming week of the Family Perales. They will be married and then baptized. The wife is less active and her husband will be baptized with their two kids. It has been great to see their progress and I hope that all works out this week!

I can't wait to see you guys on skype! I will be calling you on the phone on Friday and then the call of skype will be on Sunday. Be thinking of a good time to be able to talk and we will be able to coordinate everything on Friday.

I love you guys sooo much and a lot!!

Elder Johnson Baby