Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16 - Pisco

Hello All.

This week has been great! That is awesome that Nick Anderson got his mission call. I was hoping that he would go to South America, but England would be great!!  And with his date for the 7th of September I will be able to see him again before I go. It is so weird to think that when I get home the majority of the people my age are gone haha. What Matt said will be true, however, it will be nice to get home early and go to all of the homecomings of the boys!

This week was interesting. On Sunday, we had a less active member come to church with his wife who is not a member. He had an accident a couple weeks ago when he fell off the third level of his house! He opened up one elbow, broke his other arm, and had stitches on his head among other things. It was terrible, but it seems that that experience prepared him to be humble to go to church again. We hope to commit his wife to baptism today and we will see if they continue to progress. The Lord works in strange ways but he sure provides the way so that his children can come back to his presence.

I love you guys sooo much and a lot!!

Elder Johnson Baby

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