Monday, June 29, 2015

Jun 29 - Chincha

Hello All,

[We told him about our recent Bear Lake trip] That is great that you were able to keep the tradition of Bear Lake even though Grandma and Grandpa couldn't go. I remember when we went to the caves a looong time ago. It looks like you all had fun and enjoyed yourself. I hope that you saved a banana cream pie shake from La Beaus for me haha. :)

This week we are still working with a group of families. We have a young man who is named Cesar. His mom is a returned missionary and decided to marry a non member. We have to hold the lessons in the house of a member of the ward. It just goes to show how important the decisions that we make are. However, despite all of the struggles that they have had they are still progressing towards baptism. We will have their baptism on the 11th. We also have another family where we are going to reactivate their mom and baptize their two kids. Their baptism is on the 18th. Such a blessing to be able to participate in this work.

Today, Peru is playing against Chile. We have been warned and told that we have to be in our room an hour early to avoid all of the parties and things that are going to happen, especially if Peru loses. haha It is crazy how crazy the people here are for soccer. I really do miss soccer so much and wish that I could show them that gringos know how to play haha. I have my fingers crossed that the new mission president will allow us to play. Pray for us here in the mission ;) haha President Douglas ended today and now we are in the reign of Pres McGinn. It will be interesting how many things will change.

I love you guys so much and hope that you continue to enjoy life there being with all of the family. Tell all of the cousins that I love them and that they are in my prayers always. I know that you will continue to do well and be an example for all of the family and everyone that has contact with you.

Love you sooo much and a lot!

Elder Johnson

Monday, June 22, 2015

Jun 22 - Chincha

Hello All,

This week has been great! If we work really hard my comp and I have the potential to have a baptism every single Saturday in July! I know that we will be able to do it if we just have faith and we do all that we can. Pray for us! :) About Elder Johnson [Sara met a recently returned missionary from Mike's mission], yes I was able to meet him. I didn't talk to him that much but he seemed like a good guy. At immigrations to receive my ID here in Peru, they gave me his passport instead of mine own. We had to rush back to the mission office and retrieve my passport to be able to receive my ID! However, now I'm the one and only Elder Johnson here in the mish haha

This Sunday we were able to watch the transmission of the dedication of the Trujillo Peru Temple. President Uchtdorf and David A Bednar were there among others participating in the proceedings. It was weird because when the hispanic leaders got up to speak the transmission was in English. haha I still don't know why it was like that, but all of the members got kinda bored during that part not being able to understand a thing! I know that maybe they couldn't understand all that was being said but they could definitely feel the spirit and will never forget that moment in their lives.

Next week Pres. McGinn will have arrived in Peru as our new mission president! We have a multizone meeting this Wednesday which will be like the goodbye for Pres Douglas. He has been such an amazing help to this mission and I know that he will be so blessed for his service. It will be sad to say goodbye to him but I know that Pres. McGinn is called by God to be in the mission at this time and that he will magnify his calling and help us continue to grow. Also, allowing us to play soccer wouldn't hurt ;) haha.

This week I am excited to continue working hard and enjoying the mission. This area in Chincha is awesome and it will definitely be hard to leave. I will try and make the most of my time here. I hope that you guys will continue to do well and continuing forward. Keep close to God and he will continue to bless all of you guys. Tell the dogs I love them! haha I hope they will still be around for when I get back. Tell Grandpa that I love him and pray for him everyday.

Love you guys soo much and a lot!!

Gringo Mike

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jun 16 - Chincha

Hello All,

This week has been great! This week we had transfers, and..... I'm staying here in the same area in Chincha and I received my new companion Elder Vera. He is from Ecuador and has about 5 months in the mission. It is so weird to be one of the missionaries in the zone with the most experience. I will try and be able to show all these newbies haha how to do it. :) Naah, but I am so excited to be able to learn from my new companion and improve personally as a missionary as well as a person.

We are continuing to work with families and we are trying to be able to go to the temple this saturday. And then on Sunday we are going to be able to watch the [Trujillo Peru Temple] dedication by satellite transmission at our stake center. I can't wait to be able to see this dedication and to be able to be in the temple. We take for granted so many times for the opportunity that we have to go to the temple. As Ezequiel 37 refers, one of the signs of the true church of God is the appropriate use of temples. I know that only our church uses temples the way they should be used.

My allergies have been pretty hard but now I have just accepted that it is something that I will have to deal with. I was reading in the bible where it says that we should take our cross and follow him. I had been complaining about my eyes but now I will just get down to work and try to do everything that I can to be able to focus on my calling as a missionary. I am so grateful for this time that I have been able to have to be here in the mission and I have already grown so much.

I love you guys so much and hope that you continue to do well and enjoy your time. I can't wait to watch [Food Network tv personality] Alton Brown, eating little caesars [pizza], lounging on the couch with the family and the dogs. hahah.
Until then, I will try to keep working and being a servant to the Lord.

Love you sooo much and a lot,

Elder Johnson

Monday, June 8, 2015

Jun 8 - Chincha

Hello All,

That's awesome that you guys are all in Utah! I recieved a video from Mary, Bryan, Daniel, and Natalie saying hi. It was great and I miss them soo much! I can't wait to come home and play cards and soccer  :)

This week has been pretty difficult as we had trips to Lima to go to the doctors. My eyes were doing great for a while, but now they are starting to get worse again. The doctor just gave me more pills and stuff to try. He mentioned shots but I would not be able to recieve them here in Peru. We will see what is going to happen because there is really no cure for this, it will just be waiting it out and trying to make the best out of it. The positive side is that we had an interchange and I got to go to Lima with Elder Wright. Party! haha

[Upon learning his cousin Jacob Buchanan was called to Russia Samara mission] Russia!!! Wow that is crazy! I hope that Jacob will have a great experience and start preparing now to be able to be prepared. When I recieved my call I started to slack a little bit and the time went by like nothing. I know that he will be a great tool in the hands of the Lord and will able to bless the lives of sooo many people in Russia. Congrats Jacob!

I hope that you guys continue to do well and enjoy yourselves. I can't wait for the day when I will be able to just relax and sit with you guys at church haha. I wont have to worry about investigators coming or the next assignment, just be able to participate and relax. We will see in one year! I will reach the one year point next monday (8 transfers). The time has gone by soo fast and continues to fly by. Keep doing well and tell Grandpa Johnson that I love him. He has been such a great example to me and I hope that he will be able to get better and have the peace from God. I will make sure that I pray and fast for him in these days. I love you guys sooo much!

I love you sooo much and a lott!!

Elder Johnson

Monday, June 1, 2015

Jun 1 - Chincha

Hello All,

This past week we were able to go to the beach for p day. Me and a couple others juggled and played soccer a little bit. It just goes to show me how much I have missed soccer and I cant wait to be able to return and play for reals. Patience.... hahaha

This week we have been really focusing on the Portillo Family. They are a family of four and they finally went to church! It takes so much patience and it is so frustrating when investigators don't come to church. It has opened my eyes to how God must feel when we know we should do something and we don't do it. When I get back from the mission I will do everything that I can to not test Gods patience haha.

My allergies are starting to act up again and it is frustrating. I have pretty much just accepted it as something that will bother me while I'm  here. It is especially hard because there it so much dirt and dust everywhere. you cant escape it! No matter how hard it try! :) But i am just fine so don't worry about me. Its all good in the hood. ;)

I hope you continue to do well and enjoy school being out!! It is crazy to think that a whole school year has passed by. Time sure goes by when your having fun! I love you guys so much and tell everyone I love them and cant wait to see them again!

I love you sooo much and a lot!

Elder Johnson