Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 27 - Lurin

Hello All,

This week was awesome we had a wedding and also 4 baptisms. The spirit that I felt was honestly so amazing. We baptized Jhon (33), Patricia (27) y their son Cristopher (8), and another lady Rosa (59). I had the chance to baptize Patricia. I got all the words right on the first try! haha. I was nervous, but I could definitely feel the presence of the spirit. Awesome! We visited them the day after and I could tell a difference in their spirits. I can honestly tell the difference in people after they have accepted and are living the gospel. I love it!

Nov. 7, 8th we have another marriage and baptism. (Most if not all of our investigators live together but never get married). It is a lot of extra work, but hey its worth it haha.

I am so glad that everyone back home is doing awesome. I will be sure to send pictures of the wedding!

Love you guys soo much!
Elder Johnson

Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 20 - Lurin

Hello All,

[We related that Sister Cowan returned from Brazil and had some trouble with some English words since she had been speaking Portuguese for 18 months]  That is funny that Becca Cowan had trouble with the language. Even when i pray out loud in English it is rough. haha. I have gotten so used to Spanish my english is pretty bad now too!  :)

[Our letter said Sara plans to complete an associates degree in the next few semesters] That´s awesome that Sara is getting an associates degree. One thing I have learned from being out here is that we need to take advantage of every educational opportunity that we have. I have a lot of investigators that are in their 30´s and 40´s and have trouble reading. Being in the United States where we have so many opportunities we really need to take advantage of them.

Our baptisms are this coming week! We have a marriage on Friday, 4 baptisms on Saturday. I can´t wait to have my first baptism. It will be awesome to bring more people to Christ. Next week I will let you know how everything goes!

[Hearing that Dad taught Gospel Doctrine on Isaiah this week]  That´s awesome that your lesson went well. Isaiah, though hard to understand, is awesome! I think it is the most quoted book from the Bible. It is truly prophetic. Haha I´m just waiting to get the email next week that you have been called as the new teacher :)

[Hearing that we dropped cable TV since people aren't home to watch it that much] Finally dropped Comcast! haha It will be weird to come back home with everything different.

This week was awesome! One experience that we had was with one of our families. We were talking about the temple and family history work. They told us that we were truly angels sent from heaven. This was so amazing to me. It testified that God really does prepare people to receive the gospel. As missionaries we are just instruments in his hands. We all have weaknesses, but if we are humble and obedient we will be able to bless so many peoples lives.

I love you guys so much and pray for you everyday. Keep doing well and enjoying life!!

Much Love,
Elder Johnson

Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct 13 - Lurin

Hello All,

[We told Mike about the Meet the Mormons film] Meet the Mormons haha hopefully it was better than [LDS comedy film] Inspired Guns :) haha

Dad, that´s awesome that Mike Packer is finally out in the mission field. Also, for Matt too. I haven´t had the time to email him so I will have to do that this week.

Conference this past week was awesome! Back at home I never really appreciated the opportunity that we have to listen to the words of the prophets. But here I loved every minute of it. My favorite talk was Thomas S. Monson in the Sunday AM Session. He talked about how one of the purposes of being here is to become more like Christ. What matter of men shall we become.. even as I am. He explained how walking in his steps doesn't mean literally walking where he walked. We don´t need to walk by the Sea of Gallilee to walk in his footsteps. We need to walk AS he walked, not necessarily WHERE he walked. In other words, we need to follow his example.

His life he went through disappointment, temptation of every kind, and pain to name a few. Therefore in order to become like Christ don´t we need to experience these things too? Now, our trials in life will never even compare to what he went through, but through our challenges we can grow and become more like Christ. With prayer, scripture study and being obedient, we can always overcome any challenge in our path. This was my favorite, but I loved them all!

I love you all and hope that you guys continue to do well. Remember the importance of daily scripture study and prayer. With this we can continually have the guidance of the Spirit. With this spirit you will be able to enjoy life!

Much Love,
Elder Johnson

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oct 7 - Lurin


[In response to a soccer update of player movement in various leagues] That update was awesome! I can´t believe that Luis Suarez is on Barcelona!! crazy

Dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that you had an awesome week of Dennis! :)

That´s awesome that you were able to go to dinner with the Tinkers. I miss going over to their house and hanging out. Tell them hello for me!

Tell Mike Packer hi as well. That´s awesome that he has decided to go out in to the mission. I know that he will be an awesome missionary!

The way conference works here is that on the day Oct 5 there are elections. There is a law here that prohibits the gathering of organized groups, so we didn´t have church or watch conference. We tracted the entire day! it was awesome! We will be able to watch conference this coming sunday and we get to watch all of the sessions! Back home I never appreciated conference, but here in the mission field I cant wait!

Here in Peru it has been awesome. I love to see the testimonies of people and the change in their hearts. One thing that was interesting this week was I was reading in Jesus the Christ about the Great Apostasy. It was talking about how the journey of Cristofer Colombus was prophesied in the Book of Mormon. In Nefi 13:10-13, it talks about a gentile being directed to a promised land with the inhabitants of the brother of Nefi (Lamanites or the native american indians). Haha It is crazy to think about the deep profound doctrine. During the mission I have been really interested in history and family history as well. It is awesome!

I hope you guys back home continue to do well and enjoy life! I know that if you continue to live the gospel and enjoy yourself you will be blessed. I love you guys sooo much and cant wait to skype on Christmas! :)

Much Love,
Elder Johnson