Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct 13 - Lurin

Hello All,

[We told Mike about the Meet the Mormons film] Meet the Mormons haha hopefully it was better than [LDS comedy film] Inspired Guns :) haha

Dad, that´s awesome that Mike Packer is finally out in the mission field. Also, for Matt too. I haven´t had the time to email him so I will have to do that this week.

Conference this past week was awesome! Back at home I never really appreciated the opportunity that we have to listen to the words of the prophets. But here I loved every minute of it. My favorite talk was Thomas S. Monson in the Sunday AM Session. He talked about how one of the purposes of being here is to become more like Christ. What matter of men shall we become.. even as I am. He explained how walking in his steps doesn't mean literally walking where he walked. We don´t need to walk by the Sea of Gallilee to walk in his footsteps. We need to walk AS he walked, not necessarily WHERE he walked. In other words, we need to follow his example.

His life he went through disappointment, temptation of every kind, and pain to name a few. Therefore in order to become like Christ don´t we need to experience these things too? Now, our trials in life will never even compare to what he went through, but through our challenges we can grow and become more like Christ. With prayer, scripture study and being obedient, we can always overcome any challenge in our path. This was my favorite, but I loved them all!

I love you all and hope that you guys continue to do well. Remember the importance of daily scripture study and prayer. With this we can continually have the guidance of the Spirit. With this spirit you will be able to enjoy life!

Much Love,
Elder Johnson

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