Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oct 7 - Lurin


[In response to a soccer update of player movement in various leagues] That update was awesome! I can´t believe that Luis Suarez is on Barcelona!! crazy

Dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that you had an awesome week of Dennis! :)

That´s awesome that you were able to go to dinner with the Tinkers. I miss going over to their house and hanging out. Tell them hello for me!

Tell Mike Packer hi as well. That´s awesome that he has decided to go out in to the mission. I know that he will be an awesome missionary!

The way conference works here is that on the day Oct 5 there are elections. There is a law here that prohibits the gathering of organized groups, so we didn´t have church or watch conference. We tracted the entire day! it was awesome! We will be able to watch conference this coming sunday and we get to watch all of the sessions! Back home I never appreciated conference, but here in the mission field I cant wait!

Here in Peru it has been awesome. I love to see the testimonies of people and the change in their hearts. One thing that was interesting this week was I was reading in Jesus the Christ about the Great Apostasy. It was talking about how the journey of Cristofer Colombus was prophesied in the Book of Mormon. In Nefi 13:10-13, it talks about a gentile being directed to a promised land with the inhabitants of the brother of Nefi (Lamanites or the native american indians). Haha It is crazy to think about the deep profound doctrine. During the mission I have been really interested in history and family history as well. It is awesome!

I hope you guys back home continue to do well and enjoy life! I know that if you continue to live the gospel and enjoy yourself you will be blessed. I love you guys sooo much and cant wait to skype on Christmas! :)

Much Love,
Elder Johnson

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