Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 27 - Lurin

Hello All,

This week was awesome we had a wedding and also 4 baptisms. The spirit that I felt was honestly so amazing. We baptized Jhon (33), Patricia (27) y their son Cristopher (8), and another lady Rosa (59). I had the chance to baptize Patricia. I got all the words right on the first try! haha. I was nervous, but I could definitely feel the presence of the spirit. Awesome! We visited them the day after and I could tell a difference in their spirits. I can honestly tell the difference in people after they have accepted and are living the gospel. I love it!

Nov. 7, 8th we have another marriage and baptism. (Most if not all of our investigators live together but never get married). It is a lot of extra work, but hey its worth it haha.

I am so glad that everyone back home is doing awesome. I will be sure to send pictures of the wedding!

Love you guys soo much!
Elder Johnson

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