Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 20 - Lurin

Hello All,

[We related that Sister Cowan returned from Brazil and had some trouble with some English words since she had been speaking Portuguese for 18 months]  That is funny that Becca Cowan had trouble with the language. Even when i pray out loud in English it is rough. haha. I have gotten so used to Spanish my english is pretty bad now too!  :)

[Our letter said Sara plans to complete an associates degree in the next few semesters] That´s awesome that Sara is getting an associates degree. One thing I have learned from being out here is that we need to take advantage of every educational opportunity that we have. I have a lot of investigators that are in their 30´s and 40´s and have trouble reading. Being in the United States where we have so many opportunities we really need to take advantage of them.

Our baptisms are this coming week! We have a marriage on Friday, 4 baptisms on Saturday. I can´t wait to have my first baptism. It will be awesome to bring more people to Christ. Next week I will let you know how everything goes!

[Hearing that Dad taught Gospel Doctrine on Isaiah this week]  That´s awesome that your lesson went well. Isaiah, though hard to understand, is awesome! I think it is the most quoted book from the Bible. It is truly prophetic. Haha I´m just waiting to get the email next week that you have been called as the new teacher :)

[Hearing that we dropped cable TV since people aren't home to watch it that much] Finally dropped Comcast! haha It will be weird to come back home with everything different.

This week was awesome! One experience that we had was with one of our families. We were talking about the temple and family history work. They told us that we were truly angels sent from heaven. This was so amazing to me. It testified that God really does prepare people to receive the gospel. As missionaries we are just instruments in his hands. We all have weaknesses, but if we are humble and obedient we will be able to bless so many peoples lives.

I love you guys so much and pray for you everyday. Keep doing well and enjoying life!!

Much Love,
Elder Johnson

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