Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mexico MTC Week 1

Hello All,
We have been here for one week and already so much has happened! The first week has gone by pretty slow, but people around here say that the first weeks is always the slowest and it goes faster from there. I hope that's true! haha
My companion is Elder Taylor, who went to Northridge High School. We are also rooming with Elder Seguin (Canada) and Elder Roberts (St. George). We are all getting a long and have quickly become really good friends. 
I got called as district leader for District 17B. It was funny because as they were making the calls I just had a feeling that I was going to be picked to be a leader. Sure enough, I was! It has been going well so far, and everyone in our district are becoming closer as we do activities together.
I have already had a couple pretty amazing spiritual experiences. We got our first investigator Renata and me and Elder Taylor had to teach her a whole lesson in Spanish on our 3rd day! It was hard, but we pulled it off. Its amazing what the spirit can do when we are lacking. We are both also pretty good at Spanish so that helps as well. In our second lesson, we planned to teach her more about the restoration, but the spirit led us to talk about the priesthood and how it can bless our lives. I felt the spirit so strong, and I knew that God was with us. Although we might not speak the language that well, if we have the spirit it´s all good. In our third lesson we were able to talk to her for almost an hour about el Plan de Salvacion. I know that God has helped us and also blessed the life of Renata. We have already committed her to baptism and we will see the rest of her family tomorrow. Another experience was that one of the Elders in our mission was having problems with homesickness and was thinking about going home. On Sunday night, we were watching a video about John Tanner who helped out the church a lot financially. As it started, I began to pray that he would feel the spirit and know that this is where he needs to be. Surely enough, after the video was over, i looked over and he was crying! It is amazing how much spirit we feel here. I love it and I know that this church is true!
We have been playing volleyball and of course soccer. There are actually some pretty good kids over here and a lot of them are from Utah. Everyone in our district played and we all held our own! Let me just say that P Day was a day well spent. It was so nice having a break and being able to just relax. It´s hard to focus sometimes because we are constantly working, so a day playing street soccer and volleyball was awesome!
Although I thought that I was originally going to the Peru MTC for the last two weeks, it looks like im going to stay here in Mexico for the whole 6 weeks. It is awesome here. The houses go like halfway up the mountain. The food has been good, but like I told Mary, Im not going to gain any weight in the CCM (MTC). I make sure that I eat all of my fruits and vegetables and not eat so much. I actually feel like I have lost weight since being here!
I love missionary work and I know that there is nothing better that I could be doing. I hope that you are all doing well back at home! It is going to be hard, but I know that if I have a good attitude time will fly! 
Yo se que la iglesia es verdad, y cuando nosotros guardar los mandamientos del Senor nuestras vidas es bendice. 

Elder Johnson

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