Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mexico MTC Week 2

This has been a good week. Me, as well as everyone in our district is starting to get ready to go out into the field. I´ve been learning a lot of Spanish and I know that God has helped me teach our investigators.
(In response to Jen's question about if they get to leave the MTC ever): We don´t leave the MTC ever! haha There is like a 12 ft wall surrounding the campus so we don´t get to see much of the actual city. Our district always jokes around and says its like we are in a prison haha.
(In response to a question of if they have real investigators yet or if its practice): When I say investigators they are really our teachers. They just have to act in the profile of an investigator. The first investigator was really easy, but now they are starting to get more realistic. It´s a challenge, but were up for it!
I have run into a couple of kids from Viewmont. I saw Parker Webber and Joey Rapp both from Viewmont. I have also ran into Nate Spener from ODP. We were all able to hang out and talk. Parker leaves to Ecuador either today or tomorrow! It´s crazy to think that I´m almost already half way through my MTC time. I´ve also ran into some kids from Utah (there are a lot of Utahns here). I play soccer every day with a kid from Bountiful that was on Carsen´s indoor soccer team (Elder Poulton).  It was funny me and my companion were talking to a native Mexican in Spanish and we told him that we were both from Utah. He laughed and said oh so you´re from la fabrica? At first we didn´t understand, but he explained that it meant factory. So around these parts Utah is known as La fabrica de mormones (The Mormon Factory haha).

I love you guys and I hope that you are doing well! I love you all!
Elder Johnson

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