Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mexico MTC Week 3

Hello all,
That´s awesome that you are able to go to people's farewells. I´m beginning to see more and more people that I know in the MTC every week. Could you send me the picture of me and Parker [you saw on Facebook] because I wasn´t able to see it.

[Talking about an upcoming lesson Jen will teach in Relief Society:]  One thing that could help you in the lesson, is that in the topical guide under prayer, it talks about the whole point of prayer is to align our will with God´s. Hopefully that can help :)
In the CCM, it has been the hardest week so far. My allergies have gotten pretty bad, so right now I´m on steroids haha (a pill called Nosipren). It has helped and I hope that it continues to make it better. It´s crazy to think that we are halfway through our time here at the MTC, but I´m ready to get out into the field and help real investigators. The weather here is crazy, we are in the rainy season and when it rains, it pours! Luckily we have been inside when its raining. 
My companion is Elder Taylor and me and him along with all of the people in our district are starting to get along well. I have became really good friends with Elder Roberts, Taylor, Baum, and Woodlief. We all stick together and have good times together. Since we are pretty much with our district the entire day, we have really gotten close.
The food here is pretty good, but I have been limiting my food so that I don´t gain too much weight haha. I stick to as close to American food as possible. They have a pretty good variety of food, and most of it´s good. I have been eating fruits and vegetables and healthy food, so I haven´t had to use the Pepto quite yet. haha. 
Everything is going good here and we are progressing. It´s amazing how much more Spanish I´ve picked up. It´s nice to have Elder Taylor (who´s also good at Spanish), so that we can carry on conversations pretty well. We are ready to start doing missionary work for real!
Hope everything is going well back home. Hope the dogs are doing well :) I pray for you guys everyday and know that the Lord has blessed me as well as all of you. Hopefully you will continue to enjoy life and have a great time! 
Elder Johnson


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