Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mexico MTC - Week 5

Hello All,
My allergies are doing better. I was looked at by a special eye doctor who said that I had just bad allergies, but also maybe a bacterial infection. They brought me medicine and it has helped so much. Hopefully I will be able to be okay while I´m in Peru.
That´s awesome that you were able to see Landen [Hansen] and Carsen [Tinker] play. Hopefully they´re doing well.
Good luck with your 5th Sunday Lesson. I know that if you have the spirit with you that you will be able to touch the people who you are teaching. It´s amazing the spirit that we are able to have here. I truly know now the real meaning of the ´setting apart´. The spirit is the real teacher and you are just the instrument that God is using to communicate it with others.
It´s crazy to think that school is already starting! 
I leave for Peru on Monday at 3:00PM!! It´s crazy to think that I will be out in the field in a week. I´m scared, but at the same time, I´m so ready to get out of the MTC. haha. I ran into Matt Stringham the first day he got here. He said that it was a hard week, but the first week is always the worst! ha I told him that it gets better and next thing you know you are ready to go out into the field. 
We were able to go the Mexico City Temple today. It was amazing to see just how beautiful it is. The difference between the temple grounds and the rest of the city is so different. The temple almost seems like a completely different place. It was beautiful. In there we talked about how families can be together forever. For a demonstration, me and my companion had to teach the sisters in our district on how families can be together all in Español. It was amazing! I could really feel the spirit helping me and guiding me what to say. I was thinking, I sure miss you guys, but I can´t imagine not knowing that my family could be together forever. Although it is hard to be away, I´m bringing people the message of salvation and nothing is better than that.
I have so many spiritual experiences here it is amazing. I truly know now that there is nothing else that you could do to have the kind of spirit missionaries have. I hope to be able to use that spirit to touch other peoples lives. In a devotional by Jefferey R. Holland, we talked about why we went on missions. He shared the story of Peter and Jesus talking. Jesus asked Peter, ¨Do you love me?¨ twice and he replied yes. On the third time he said yes, Jesus replied by saying ¨Then feed my sheep ¨. If we truly love God and Jesus Christ we will feed his sheep FOREVER. It doesn´t have to end with a mission. I am on a mission because I love God and Jesus. It is as simple as that..
Im running out of time so I will have to go, I love you guys so much! Hopefully you are doing okay without me ;). I pray for you guys everyday and know that God will watch over you while I´m gone :) Best wishes!!
Elder Johnson


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