Monday, April 6, 2015

Apr 6 - Chincha

Hello All,

This week of conference was awesome! As gringos in our zone, we were able to watch it seperately in English. Thanks goodness! haha I can understand all of the talks in spanish, but it is just not the same. I was truly inspired and have recieved so many things that I am  going to apply here in the mission and after the mission as well.

My favorite talk was that of David A Bednar about fear. He pointed out that the first thing that happened after Adam and Eve partook of the fruit is that they were afraid and hid from God. Fear was the first consequence of the fall. If we let fear guide our lives we will never reach our potential, the which our potential is to reach exaltation and become like Jesus Christ. Fear of man slows us down, but the fear of God is something that we can use to propel us forward and become to love him. The opposite of exaltation is damnation.  We can't settle for anything less than the best, being exalted with God in his kingdom.

I love you guys so much and wish I could have been there watching conference with you guys. I can't wait to be able to all go to Granny's house and watch conference when i get back, eating cotton candy and the works. haha. Until then, I will continue to do my best as a missionary and make you guys proud.

Much love,

Elder Johnson

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