Monday, March 21, 2016

Mar 21 - San Gabriel

Hello All,

This week has been great! We have been working really hard and we finally had the baptism of Jeremy! He told us that the morning before he got baptized he woke up and heard a voice that said no te bautices (Don't get baptized). It freaked him out haha but said a prayer and got comforted immediately and was soo excited when he finally got baptized. He is 13 and wants to go on a mission already! He will be receiving the priesthood this sunday and is progressing a lot!!

I can't wait for the conference to come! I remember that always back at home I would be listening to conference and then have the laptop as well with my fantasy football going hahaha. I didn't appreciate it back then, but now I realize that i did take it for granted.

I don't know if i told you guys, but the last week Elder Robbins came to talk to all of the missions in Lima. He talked in Spanish and he still got it! haha It was cool to see him again.

On the 10th of April we will not be able to have meetings in church because it is a law here in Peru that the day of elections you cant meet up in groups of people. It is frustrating, but that is the way it is..

I hope all goes well for you guys and i will always be praying for you!! 4 MONTHS! crazy!!

I love you all soo much and a lot!

Elder Johnson

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