Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27 - Pisco

Hello All,

This week we had the baptisms of Jorge, Fiorela, and Daniel! It was great to see them finally make the decision to be baptized. Now we are looking forward to helping them go to the temple in August to do baptisms for the dead allowing them to keep going in the path of retention. Like Gordon B. Hinckley said, What does it profit a missionary to baptize the whole world if they don't stay active. That baptism was number 29 for me and it looks like it was the last one that I will have in the mission. I am really proud of the work and know that I was just an instrument in His hands and am very blessed. I look forward to stay in contact with them to help them stay in the path that will bring them eternal life. Also, when we come back here to Peru we will have free meals, and free housing, and tour guides! haha It is already a plan! :)

It is weird to think that this is my second to last p day in the mission. I am so grateful for the time that I have had here and I wouldnt trade it for any other experience. I will be seeing you guys in 2 weeks! Granny has been telling me that you guys are doing quite the home makeover. haha I can't wait to see IT, and more importantly to see YOU ALL.

Hopefully i will be able to send you the fotos to the baptism next Monday!!

I love you guys sooo much and a lot!

Elder Johnson Baby

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