Monday, December 22, 2014

Dec 22 - Villa el Salvador

Merry Christmas!!

I got your package!! Thanks for the goodies, they were awesome. It just went to show me how much I miss all of the good stuff from the US haha. As you can see from the pictures we don't have an oven so me and Elder Wright cooked them [cookie mixes] over the stove top haha. It was interesting but SOO good! :)

The skype call is going to be on Christmas at 2:00 PM (12:00 noon in Utah). I hope to see all of your faces then and be able to tell you all of the experiences in the mission haha.

Granny said that same thing about Elder Wright and it turns out that he is the one! He totally knows David and Megan and their whole family. He told me that David helped him write his farewell talk and they are really tight together. What are the odds! hahah Awesome! He has become a real friend and I can totally see us hanging out after the mission. He plans on going to BYU so possibly we could room together down there! Well, I got 18 months to think about it so.. haha. So crazy that the mission is already a fourth of the way over. CRAZY!

I love you guys soo much and cant wait to see your faces on Christmas. I will also be calling you today as well! I cant wait!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Elder Johnson

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