Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec 1 - Villa el Salvador

Hello All,

[We emailed a picture of a gingerbread house we made at Thanksgiving] That gingerbread house is truly a piece of art :)

This week has been awesome! I´m starting to get used to the area and the new ward. It was hard at first, but it is definitely getting better.

The church has launched a new program called el es la dadiva (he is the gift). Im sure you know about it. It is expressing the importance on how Christ is the gift of christmas and we need to remember the real meaning of christmas. On December 7th the church has purchased the front page on YouTube! In the mission we have recieved cards to pass about specifically about this. It is truly inspired. The first time we used the video was with some members. They were crying after and gave us referrals. I could feel the spirit so strongly. AMAZING!

It is crazy to think that I have officially been in the mission for 5 months! Elder Baum (from the MTC) said how we are about 1/4 done with our missions! Time has really passed sooo fast.

[Dad shared some of our Gospel Doctrine lesson on the Atonement] The Atonement truly is amazing. We teach it so much, but it is so extensive that I dont have a full understanding of it yet. Exactly like you said it is not just our sins, but also our pains and sufferings. He did it to know how to help us. He truly has experienced everything and therefore knows how to overcome them. A big part of the atonement for me is also the ability to change. One purpose of this life is to become like Christ, and this is only possible through repentance thanks to the Atonement. I am so grateful, for the grace of God and how he gave us his only begotten son so we can repent and return to his presence.

I love you guys soo much! I miss you soo much, but if time keeps flying like it has I will be back home in no time haha.

Much Love,

Elder Johnson

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