Monday, January 12, 2015

Jan 12 - Villa el Salvador

Hello All,

Another week in Villa el Salvador!

It has been good here. This week I had to give a talk in church. I was thinking about what I could talk about and I decided to talk about covenants. Moses 1:39 says that Gods work and glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. This is only possible through covenants that we make with God and keeping them. As missionaries our only duty is to help people make covenants and keep them so that they can be with their families forever in the kingdom of God. Talk about pressure haha.

This past week I had an intercambio (interchange) with Elder Paravicini. It was so weird to be back with my first companion and trainer. It was a great day and we found new investigators and had baptism date and everything. It is awesome to have him back again in the same ward. In the picture we decided to make the cookie mix and microwave them haha. We had two big cookies and it actually worked out fine. It was a lot better than doing them over the stove top. haha.

We are getting a new mission president and he is the person that you found in the newspaper. We found this out this past week. It will be interesting how many changes he will make and what will happen. Fingers crossed that we can play SOCCER! haha

It is weird to think that my birthday is only next month. We will see what kind of gifts I will get haha. For example, last week I sent you a picture of my Christmas present. Underwear and a t shirt hahahah. It was one of the funniest moments so far in the missh. haha Never will forget it!

I love you guys so much! Only 18 months left to go ;). I cant wait to see you all in person again. I would kill to sit down on the couch and watch Survivor eating Pizza from little Caesar's. hahaha. But I guess I'm doing things that are a little more important than that. That will have to wait:)

Keep doing well and tell Sara to email me! :) I don't have her email address and so if you could have her send me something that would be awesome!

Love you guys!!!

Elder Johnson

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