Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feb 10 - Villa el Salvador

Hello All,


Yesterday we had transfer and..... I´m in the exact same area with my same companion another transfer haha. So we will just carry on as normal, another six weeks in Villa el Salvador! Yaa!

We have another baptism planned for this Saturday. His name is Jhonan Rivera and he is 22 years old. His family are recent converts and after he is baptized his whole family will be members. We are already planning to go the temple with his whole family to be able to do vicarious work for his ancestors. It is awesome to have that as the focus here in the mission. We have a goal to go the temple every Thursday bringing converts to be able to help them stay firm in the gospel. The temple is truly the key in retention.

[Dad & Mom met Veronika on Facebook this week] Haha ya Veronika is a returned missionary who lives in our ward. She served in the Peru Trujillo mission in 2002. We have been working to help her mom come to church, but she is a bit tough. I traded her my Preach My Gospel in English and she gave me the boat (the picture that is attached). She is awesome!

I love you guys so much and hope that you continue to do well without me :) I cant wait for Mother's Day when we will be able to communicate via Skype again. Keep going strong and being an example to everyone around you.

Much Love,

Elder Johnson Baby

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