Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23 - Villa el Salvador - Happy Birthday Mike!

Hello All,


It is crazy how fast my birthday has come! And for my birthday I get P DAY!!! WOO HOO!

This week has been awesome! A bunch of kids from the ward in Villa are getting their mission calls. One named Joshias Espinoza is going to Bogota Colombia Tuesday and Christofer Fajardo got his call last night and is going to Medellin Colombia in June. The Lord is truly hastening his work in these last days.

This week I have officially been in the field for 8 months and it has gone by so fast. We are already practically in March! Somehow the sisters in the ward found out that it was my birthday and so here comes the cake! :)

Me and Elder Rosado are working the best we can and we are truly seeing miracles. We have two investigators named Carmen (35) and her daughter Danitza (9). Every time when we start the lesson Carmen tells her kids ¨Cmon kids we are going to talk to God, close your eyes and fold your arms.¨ I love how humble the people are here and how faithful and obedient they are. She has a house as big as my room, but she doesn't complain. She is just grateful for the family that she has and for all of the blessings that she has received. Awesome!

I love you guys soo  much and a lot. Continue to do well. Mom, good luck in your new calling and I know that you will be fine. Dad, also good luck with your scouts. Patience is a virtue ;)

Much Love,

Elder Johnson

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