Monday, July 13, 2015

Jul 13 - Chincha


This week has been great! We are continuing to receive new investigators and this saturday we have a baptism! It is the baptism of a 9 year old kid named Sebastian. His mom is a less active that we are going to rescue (reactivate) and then baptize his other brother on the 25th of July. We go to their house almost everyday and I have grown to really love them. I'm sure going to miss the people here in Chincha when I leave. Fingers crossed that I can stay here the rest of the mission haha. :)

This week I was able to have an interchange with Elder Wright. So awesome! He is one of the closest friends here in the mission and we always have good times together and good laughs. It sucks because we can only have one interchange each transfer. I hope that we will both stay here for this next transfer haha!

I hope you guys continue to do good and keep staying close to the Lord. It is weird to see how everyone back home is growing up and changing. It will be awesome to be able to see how everyone has improved and I cant wait to go to the beach in California in the summer when I get back ;) Until then, the beaches here in Peru will have to do haha :)

I love you guys sooo much and a lot!!

Elder Johnson Baby

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