Monday, July 27, 2015

Jul 28 - Ayacucho

Hello All,

This week we had transfers! And... now I'm in Ayacucho! This zone is the farthest south in the whole mission. From Lima, I had a twelve hour bus ride. Terrible! haha but now I'm here and ready to help the people here. It is interesting because the culture is mostly catholic. Every time we go out to proselyte we see a catholic church and a bunch of people there. The culture however is awesome! It is so much different than Chincha and will definitely take time to get used to it but I'm excited to be here. My companion is Elder Alvarado from Ecuador and I knew him already and Chincha and so it looks like these transfer together will be awesome!

It was so hard to leave Chincha. I know that in the future I will have to return and visit the people there. I cried soo much on Sunday and it was my favorite area that I have been in here in the mission. I hope that they will be able to keep active, so that I can see them be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. What a blessing to be able to teach the people here and invite them to come unto Christ. The mission has changed me so much and continues to change me every single day. All of my goals have changed and perspective. I know that I have improved for the better and hope that I will help other people to have this same change as well.

This past week we had the baptism of brother Walter Portillo. He is fifteen and loves soccer. It was so neat to teach him because we clicked right away because we had so many things in common. We both cried so much when I had to go and I hope that he will follow firm in the gospel. There were so many obstacles and trials that he had to overcome to be able to baptized, but now he has a testimony that is strong and is ready to receive the priesthood so that he can pass the sacrament. What a miracle!

I hope that you guys are all doing well and that everything is good. It is awesome to see Landen in my room! haha I miss him a lot and know that he will be a fantastic missionary and servant of God. Tell him good luck in all that he does and that it is a free country! haha I am so grateful for all of the support that you guys have given me and I hope that I can continue to make you guys proud. Keep doing well and I love you all soooo much and a lot!!!}

Elder Johnson

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