Monday, August 3, 2015

Aug 3 - Ayacucho

Hello All,

This week was great! We had the baptism of Helen, a girl who is 12 years old. She is awesome and it is such a testimony builder to teach her and see her progress. She has a testimony of Joseph Smith and everything. I can see her being a missionary and changing the lives of tons of people. Such a blessing to be able to help others come unto Christ.

Joey, Grace, and Emily, I hope that you guys are doing well. The mission is awesome! I love it and I know that you guys will have the opportunity also to serve the Lord and invite others to come unto Christ. I love you guys so much and hope that all is good. Keep reading your scriptures everyday and it will bless and change your life forever. Love you soooo much!!!

I am starting to get used to Ayacucho.. It is really different but the culture here is amazing! The people are so humble and willing to sacrifice everything for God. What a blessing to be able to be in this area. I hope that I will be an effective tool in the hands of God and be able to work hard in this area.

Tell everyone that I love them and give them my love. The time is going by sooo fast and next thing we know we will all be hanging out at Grannys house watching a movie and going to bear lake playing golf!

I love you sooo much and a lot!

Elder Johnson Baby

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  1. Le extra├▒amos mucho aqui en Chincha :) Familia Portillo