Monday, August 17, 2015

Aug 17 - Ayacucho

Dear All,

[We brought Mike up to speed on the health challenges of several extended family members] What an eventful week for all of you guys. I will definitely be praying for the whole family and tell everyone that I love them and miss them.

This week we found two new investigators that now have baptism dates. They are so prepared to receive the gospel and accepted baptism dates for the 19th of September. Their names are Isabel and Mirian. With Isabel, the lesson was so powerful. The spirit was so awesome. We asked her if she believed that this message could help her family, and she started crying. We then taught her the Restauracion of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She has such a desire to be baptized and I hope that we can do our part to help her in this journey.

This week we also ate fried guinea pig! hahaha Soo weird but actually wasnt that bad. I wrote Granny, that the whole time I was eating it i was thinking of paulie [our pet guinea pig from several few years ago] hahahah. Tastes like chicken :) but their is just a little meat! We will have to see what other interesting food I will eat in these coming weeks.

I love you guys soo much and especially this week my prayers will be with Bryan, Great Grandma, Dad, and Allie. As long as we are close the gospel whatever happens we will have the comfort that it is all in God's plan. What a blessing to have the knowledge that we have, that death is just a step in the process.

Love you guys sooo much and a lot!

Elder Johnson Baby

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