Monday, November 2, 2015

Nov 2 - Ayacucho

Hello All,

This week has been awesome!

Yesterday we found a new investigator. His name is Edy and he is the brother of our mission leader. He talked with missionaries before but never progressed because he was into parties and alcohol. All of the sudden, he came to church and contacted us telling us that he wanted to change his life. We asked what was the motive behind this change and he told us that it was his mother. He wanted to change so that his mother would feel more secure. It just goes to show the influence that parents have on the life of kids. He is now working towards stopping drinking and has the goal to be baptized! What a blessing to be able to teach him.

Susana is also working well towards her baptism on the 21st of this month. It is amazing because she is in a wheelchair due to paralysis, but takes a taxi to get to church every Sunday. She sacrifices soo much to be able to keep the commandments of God. It just humbles me that before the mission I didn't have the desire to go and the church was 5 minutes away walking. The people here are so humble and truly disciples of christ. Such an amazing experience to be able to here with these people teaching them the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I hope that you guys are all doing well. It is crazy to hear all of the people that are going on missions [we mentioned that Mickel Wall just got her mission call]. It seems like the people who are leaving, last time I checked, were in young mens like 16 years old. It is also starting to dawn on me that I am going to be coming home very soon. The mission has passed by so fast and I have had such a great experience.

I love you guys sooo much and a lot.

Elder Johnson Baby

[I asked about whether or not he gets snow in his area since they are in the mountains]

I don't get any snow here haha. In the mountains we can see it but down in the valley where we are there is no snow. Christmas here is like 80 degrees and sunny haha just a bit ironic.

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