Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Feb 23 - San Gabriel

Hello All,

This week was great! We ended the transfer with two baptisms of Irian and Xiomara. They are so great and now have the desire to go to the temple. We are going to bring them to the temple in March so that they can do the baptisms for the dead! I love the work of the temple because when we baptize someone it is not just for them, but also for their ancestors. I have been able to particpate in 23 baptisms so far in the mision, but I know that their family, thanks to the work of the temple, has also had the opportunity to accept a baptizsm as well. What a blessing to particpate in this work!!

As far as baptisms go, we are going to take a two week break and then we will have another 2 in March on the 12th. They are two kids whose uncle and aunt are members. Their mother died recently and so they have been really sad... Their aunt gave us the reference to talk with them and we were able to share with the hope that the message of the plan of salvation brings. They now have the hope that they will be able to see their mother again in the next life. They are really exctied for their baptism!

Everything is going good here in San Gabriel and we are working hard. I will continue to make you guys proud!

I love you soo much and alot!!

Elder Johnson

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