Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25 - Chincha

Hello All,

[We told him about Jen's back surgery] That is so great mom! I hope that this will be able to solve all of the problems and you will be able to be relieved of all of the pain and troubles that your back has caused. Make sure to take it easy and don't run on the treadmill yet! haha

This week has been great! We have found more families and are focusing a lot on part member families. We have one in particular that the parents are less actives and the kids are investigators. It is so awesome that they have the goal to go to the temple and be sealed as a familiy in about a year. A rule that our President has is that if we have participated in baptizing or reactiving we can be there in the temple when they are sealed. I have participated in about 4 or 5 families! I can't wait to have the opportunity to see them sealed as a family for time and all eternity!

I hope that everything is good back at home! It seems like it has been such a short time in the mission but at the same time it seems like I have been here forever haha. I hope that you will all press forward and continue staying close to the Lord. I have seen the gospel bless the life of sooo many people and I cant wait to bring this experience back home and bless our familiy and everyone that we know. I can't wait to have a Sunday where I can just go to church and not have to worry about so many things haha.

I love you guys soo much and a lot!!

Elder Johnson

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